1/ I think he doesn’t want to keep the truth that he is a liar, a thief and also a cheater. He felt ashamed to the loyalty that Hassan showed him. Therefore he tried to sneaked away wherever Hassan was around ““Because when he was around, the oxygen seeped out of the room. My chest tightened and I couldn’t draw enough air, I’d stand there, gasping in my own little airless bubble atmosphere”

2/ I think Hassan is much more mature than Amir who is running away from the truth. Hassan who was bullied by the other is acting much more mature than Hassan, he act as if nothing happen to him. That’s why Hassan is more mature than Amir.

3/ He throw the pomegranate at Hassan with the hope that Hassan will give him a punishment in return instead of pretend nothing happen “But he didn’t do anything like that, and when I opened the door minutes later, he wasn’t there. I fell on my bed, buried my head under the pillow, and cried”. ‘”Hit me back!” I spat. “Hit me back goddamn you!” I wished he would. I wished he’d give me the punishment I craved, so maybe I’d finally sleep at night.”

4/ Assef gave Amir a bibliography about Adolf Hitler with the hope that Amir would understand Assef better. The idea of this is that Hitler is a successful human being and same “Blonde and blue eyes”. Assef hope that Amir would emphasize him and support his concept

5/ Rahim Kahn told him that he was once married and also how was married and got separated by Rahim’s father ““Did I ever tell you I was married once?”. “It’s true. I was eighteen. Her name was Homaira. She was a Hazara, the daughter of our neighbor’s servants.”. “That same da“That same day, my father put Homaira and her family on a lorry and sent them off to Hazarajat. I never saw her again.”

6/ A leather notebook with golden covers.

7/ Because if Hassan tell the truth, Amir will be in big trouble with Baba so he choose the best way is to keep silent and pass it on.

8/ Amir hid a plentiful of Afghani bills and his new watch that Baba bought for him. Amir tried to create a crime scene where he already asked Baba where his watch was yesterday and now he’s hiding it under Hassan’s bed to put all the blame to him